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"FormulaGame" - a board game based on the major races of the planet - Formula 1.
The game is solved in a simple, proven format: playing field, chips, dice.
The playing field - track with tagged cells schematically shows the real Grand Prix track.
A complete set of the game includes all the tracks (420x594mm) F1 season 2014 and 2015.
Chips - cars with abbreviated names of the pilots and the color scheme of the existing teams.
Cubes - ordinary dice "1-6." To play only one cube

A distinctive feature of the game - its base - the relation of forces pilots and teams real championship every season.
At the same time there is an element of unpredictability, the intrigue that makes the game exciting.
Skills of the participants in the game is also important - but, at the forefront of real historical confrontation between pilots and teams.

The advantage of the game is not the external surroundings - there are no pretty pictures, landscapes with tracks, accurate models of cars.
The entire drive is functional, "mechanics" of the game. These are the three components of the gameplay:
- The realism of what is happening on the playing track (correlated with the real Grand Prix)
- The element of surprise, chance, luck (which is typical for motor racing)
- The role of player - the skill of the pilot.

According to the dynamics and tension of the game is a middle way between the computer simulator racing and chess.
It has everything:
- General rules for all tracks, all pilots, all seasons.
- Game options each pilot defined for each specific race of the season.
- The unpredictability and the likelihood of unexpected success (or failure) of the pilot, do not depend on the player.
- Skill of the player, the ability to think for 2-3 moves ahead, intuition.

If you all week in anticipation of  losing patience,  waiting for the weekend and the start of broadcasts ;stage F1.
If the broadcast  being kicked out of the room all those who do not share your passion.
If after the end of the real race you feel the devastation and you want to continue.

The game is designed for all fans of  Formula 1, but the most interesting  is for fans watching  the statistics of  individual races and the championship as a whole.

Perfect weekend for a huge F1 fan of:
1. After the free practice, qualifying to compete in a computer simulator with virtual opponents, learn the configuration of the track, the behavior of the car - when viewing a broadcast is a much better understanding of what is happening on the track.
2. View the real qualification.
3. Wait for publication on our website parameter table for the game of the qualifying session and run their own, playing qualifying session.
4. Play the race on the simulator.
5. View broadcast Grand Prix.
6. Wait for publication on our website for a gaming table settings and run your race, the game Grand Prix.

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